Dress Code

Students are to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a Christian school.  Cleanliness, neatness, and modesty are the standards.  Dress should not be a distraction to the learning atmosphere of the classroom.

            *Athletic shoes are to be worn for recess and PE.  Shoes should be secure enough that they do not come off in normal PE activities.  Students without appropriate shoes will not be allowed to participate in PE or recess, and this will affect their PE grade. 

            *Students may not wear tank tops, sundresses, short tops that expose the midriff, low-cut tops, sleeveless tops or dresses, tight pants, flip flops or slip on sandals.  The whole shoulder must be covered at all times. If the shirt is at all sheer, a tank top or t-shirt should be worn underneath.

            *Hats may not be worn indoors.

            *T-shirts with inappropriate pictures or messages may not be worn. 

            *Skirts or shorts must come to the knee.  (Fingertip length shorts are acceptable in pre-K and kindergarten.)  If skirts are worn, shorts should be worn underneath.

            *Sweat pants are not appropriate in grades 4-8.  Form fitting pants (leggings) may be worn only with a dress or shirt that comes to the knees. 

            *Jeans that fit appropriately and do not have holes or fringes are acceptable.  Pants must be high enough and shirts long enough that no back is exposed while sitting down or raising arms.

            *Hair coloring that is not a natural color for hair is inappropriate for our school.  No irregular shavings are allowed.