School Calendar, 2021-22, 2022-23


Our school day runs from 8:30- 3:00 for pre-k 3 through 5th grade.  Middle school students will be dismissed at 3:10.   1/2 days end at noon and there is not any aftercare available on half days.  Before school care is available beginning at 6:30 A.M.  After school care is available until 6:00 P.M.

Mt. Pleasant Christian School


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                                                                               August 25                                             Orientation/ Open House, 4:00-7:00 PM

                                                                               August 29                                             First Day of School

                                                                               September 5                                         Labor Day, No School

                                                                               October 28                                            End of 1st Quarter

                                                                               September 16-18                                  MPCS Fall Festival

                                                                               November 11                                        No School/ Conference Day

November 23                                        Noon dismissal, no school if no inclement weather days used

November 24-25                                   Thanksgiving holidays

December 19-January 2                        Christmas holidays

January 3, 2023                                    School reopens

January 16                                            No School, MLK Day

January 20                                            Noon dismissal, teacher workday, end of 2nd quarter

February 20                                          No School, President’s Day

March 24                                              Noon dismissal, teacher work day, end of 3rd quarter

March 30                                              Middle School Bus trip

March 31                                              Middle School holiday

April 7                                                   Early dismissal, Easter holidays begin

April 17                                                 School reopens

May 25                                                 Graduation program

May 29                                                 No school, Memorial Day

June 3                                                  End of the Year Celebration & Auction


MPCS Calendar, 2021-22

August 30                                                     First Day of School

September 6                                                Labor Day Holiday

September 23                                             7th Grade Chapel

September 28                                             Picture Day

October 26                                                   Picture Make-up Day

October 28                                                   6th Grade Chapel 

October 29                                                   End of 1st Quarter, Noon Dismissal

November 11                                              Mrs. Bergey’s Class Chapel

November 18                                              Mrs. Mallory’s Class Chapel

November 24                                              Noon Dismissal, Thanksgiving Holidays

November 29                                              Return to School

December 9                                                 PK Chapel

December 16                                               3-5 Program

December 17                                               8th Chapel,Noon Dismissal, Christmas Holidays

January 3                                                      Return to School

January 14                                                    Theater Production

January 17                                                    MLK Holiday

January 20                                                    Mrs. Aitken’s Class Chapel

January 21                                                    End of 2nd Quarter, Noon Dismissal

January 27                                                    Mrs. Wooldridge’s Class Chapel

February 3                                                    Social Studies Fair, 7 P.M.

February 10                                                 Kindergarten Chapel

February 17                                                 Middle School Spelling Bee

February 24                                                 Intermediate Grades Spelling Bee

February 21                                                 President’s Day

March 17                                                      3rd Chapel, Part 1

March 24                                                      3rd Chapel, Part 2

March 25                                                      End of 3rd Quarter, Noon Dismissal

March 31                                                      Middle School Bus Trip

April 1                                                            Middle School Holiday

April 7                                                            K-2 Program

April 8                                                            Early Dismissal (11:00), Grandparent’s Day

                                                                        Easter Holidays

April 18                                                         Return to School

April 21                                                         Mrs. Keffer’s (4) Class Chapel

April 28                                                         Mrs. Johnson’s Class Chapel

April 25-29                                                   Standardized Testing

May 2-6                                                        Field Days

May 5                                                            Mrs. Lockhart’s Class Chapel

May 12                                                          Mrs. Oehler’s Class Chapel

May 17                                                          Annual Egg Drop

May 19                                                          PK Program

May 24                                                          Great Marble Race (4th Grade)

May 26                                                          Graduation

May 30                                                          Memorial Day Holiday

June 4                                                            Last Day & Auction